You know the guy who said that money can’t buy happiness?

Well, I’d be willing to bet that he never had to face the mind-numbing routine of a low paying, dead-end job. Or the unending stress of struggling to stay on top of endless piles of bills. And he certainly never had to sit at home — flat broke and staring at the four walls — while everyone around him took expensive beach vacations, ate in fine restaurants, and tooled around in luxury cars.

If he had, he’d have understood that money and happiness actually go hand in hand! But YOU understand that. In fact, that’s exactly why you’re on this page right now… You’re sick to death of the endless money struggles, and you’re looking for a way to achieve a bottomless bank account, so you can buy yourself a life filled with freedom, fun, and adventure…

Well read on, because you are about to discover a home-based business many people are using to make solid incomes from the comfort of their own homes. If you can take a few minutes, read through this page and watch a couple of videos, you will learn how you can do it too.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Total Life Changes (TLC) before, but for the past 15 years, this company has been quietly working behind the scenes, racking up some very impressive financial wins in 150 countries, and earning some pretty strong kudos from the business community along the way.

After many years of selling around the globe, this company is now employing direct sales marketing method here in United States Of America and around the world.

And while it might sound like I’m bragging, I’m really just telling you this so you understand that this company and it’s leadership know what the’re doing when it comes to paying good money to their affiliates! Don’t believe me? Here are a few stories of ordinary people just like you sharing how this great company has made an impact in their lives.

Before we go into the details, let me tell you what this business IS NOT… You’ve probably spent enough time online and social media to know that there are a TON of folks out there pushing the “next big thing” for getting rich, right?

There are the “miracle product” opportunities… the get-rich-quick schemes… the pyramids… the “make-money-while-you-sleep” fantasies… and so on. But look at these so-called “opportunities” carefully, and you’ll see that the only thing BIG about them is the size of the dent they’ll leave in your bank account after you get sucked in!

Very few of these approaches to making money have EVER produced a reliable, sustainable income, and they never will. Why? Simply because while the products may be excellent, they have a very complicated unrealistic compensation plan. They make it so hard for majority of their distributors to move up the success ladder.

But here at Total Life Changes, we are not only selling great products but we’ve built our income generating business — not on hopes, dreams, and illusions — but on a solid compensation plan, and proven marketing techniques that we know work and have successfully worked for many of our independent affiliates.

No BS… No hype… No empty promises! Just a fair compensation plan and a simple marketing system that anyone can follow to enjoy the “good life” with a steady, reliable stream of income. Will Total Life Changes work for you?

In a word, YES, it will work for you, even if you have NO experience, NO special skills, and NO previous business experience! You just saw on the video above stories of ordinary people just like you, who were spending their days in quiet desperation until Total Life Changes was offered to them… and are now leading rich and rewarding lives, free from financial worry.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to invest to get started with Total Life Changes. Based on everything you’re getting as an affiliate, it would be very easy to put a high start up cost and you’d still be getting a great deal. But you don’t have to worry because our start up cost is one of the lowest in the direct sales industry. TLC Start Up Cost


  • $35 Business Starter Kit
  • $44.95 Minimum Product Purchase Required
  • Business Builder Packages Available



  • No Starter Kit Required
  • $44.95 Minimum Product Purchase Required
  • Business Builder Packages Available


If you were to join most hyped about home-based businesses, you would have to pay a minimum of $100 – $1,500 in just sign up fee before you even purchase any inventory. So we think you’ll agree that an investment of just $ 79.95 to start your own TLC business is EXTREMELY fair, and BY FAR the most affordable way there is to start making a significant income.

Note: International applicants outside of USA ONLY pay $44.95 to get started. You DO NOT need to buy the starter kit.

That’s less than $ $1.50 a day to start your own business from home and for every last tip, strategy, and free exclusive training you’ll get to become successful and to finally live the good life you’ve been dreaming of. I think you’ll agree that’s more than fair.


Total Life Changes (TLC) recognize there are a lot of scammers out there who promise to help you make piles of money, but never deliver, so you might be hesitant to give TLC a try. That’s totally fair. We can understand you being cautious…So to put your mind completely at ease, TLC want you to know that your investment is fully protected by 100% 30 days money-back guarantee!

Go ahead and get your own affiliate account and try out Total Life Changes for the next month. Learn from the inside not outside. Experience the quality of our products and commission compensation first hand – then decide…

If you don’t think TLC will work for you EXACTLY like the company say it will, let the company know, and they’ll refund ALL of your money… no questions asked! But DO NOT allow $79.95 OR $44.95 for international applicants to stand between you and success.

By now, you must be wondering how this business works. Well, that’s the truly remarkable part. Total Life Changes business is not about cold-calling, handing out business cards and flyers to strangers, or door-to-door selling or any of the other unpleasant sales approaches that so many other companies rely on.

Instead, you simply bring together a group of friends, family, and colleagues who are also interested in an additional income, and it grows organically from there. Another great thing is that when you join our team, you will also learn how to market online so you are not only relying on family and friends.

So we teach you how to bring on a few people… and those people each bring on a few people… and all of those people bring on a few more people each and before you know it, you have a big organization.

In fact TLC business is based on what we refer to as The Power Of Two. Just bring two people and duplicate that. After your initial start-up, you’ll barely need to lift a finger! Don’t believe me? Watch this Power Of Two 6 Minutes Video to see how it works! 


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How much longer are you prepared to just barely scrape by, living paycheck to paycheck, and never having the cash you need to really enjoy your life? How much longer will you sit watching from the sidelines, as those around you take advantage of the business opportunities put in front of them to finance lifestyles filled with luxury and ease?


One more thing I need to mention is that Total Life Changes has real products that we sell to real customers. Distributors sell product to their customers directly on their websites. Customers pay for their own shipping and products are shipped to their homes directly from the company.


Now, let me be clear about the products that we sell. On this page, I am looking for people who want to make money from home. On the products page above,you can see a display of most of our products. So, I will not get into the details of each products and what it does on this particular page but I will share a screenshot of just a few products.

Iaso Health Products

Iaso Skin Care

(For More Products Display and Details, Please Click The Products Page Above)

It is very important to me that you understand that we sell real products to real customers so you know that this is NOT a get rich quick pyramid scheme. When you click the Join Now Button below, you will also have an opportunity to see some of our products and buy whichever one you you wish to try.

I also want to mention that you will have your own free website or online store as soon as you join. You will be happy to know that TLC does NOT charge distributors for their company generic websites. There is no upfront or renewal fees.

All our products are consumable products which works great for you as a distributor. That means you will continuously get re-order business from your customers month after month.

Remember, you’ve already seen examples of a few people out of thousands of people already profiting from this same business with this same company, because IT REALLY WORKS and you’re fully covered by a 100% money back guarantee. So you’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose in giving Total Life Changes a try and experience the extraordinary freedom and joy that comes with being your own boss, and financial independent.

When you become a part of Total Life Changes business, you won’t be thrown in the deep end and left to sink or swim on your own, so it doesn’t matter if you have NO previous business experience or special skills! You will be well trained step by step on what you need to do from the word go to position yourself for massive success.

Finally, you get to call the shots for your own business, work from home, set your own schedule, and get to enjoy the finer things life has to offer. You know what one of the BEST parts of being involved in this business is for me? Being able to help other people leave the rat race behind, set up shop, and start earning their own independent incomes!

If you’ve been looking at other ways to earn a lucrative income with your own home-based business, you may have come across other offers that sound similar. But don’t be fooled! NO other home-based business opportunity offers you the same extensive generous compensation plan for such a small initial investment like Total Life Changes does.

So now it’s up to you to decide. Will you continue on as you are, dreaming about having money, time, freedom, and flexibility, but always being afraid to take action? Or will you jump at the chance to get in on the ground floor of a thriving business that provides all of the training, support, and help you need to get started?

Take your future into your own hands. Click on the JOIN NOW button below and find out if this exciting business opportunity is right for you! Don’t watch us on the sideline, join us!


Referring Rep Id Number 4906631

If you are sick and tired of being broke and are willing to stop pushing closed doors, I invite you to look into the TLC opportunity and partner with me.

When you sign up using the Join Now Link or my Rep Id number listed on this website, you can be sure you are personally being sponsored by me. We are a team of successful entrepreneur with Internet marketing skills and we are building the fastest growing team in Total Life Changes.

What set my team apart from others, is the fact that we teach you how to utilize the power of the internet to build your business. This is a big advantage that many people wish they had access to. While most people put all their focus on just family and friends, our team is a leg ahead because in addition to our warm market, we use online marketing to connect with the right target market.


There are 5 different ways you can earn money in Total Life Changes:

(1) Retails Sales Commission: Total Life Changes (TLC) stresses customer acquisition, so we sell to real customers not just distributors! A representative (Independent Business Owner or IBO) will receive 50% commission from each of their customer’s retail purchases every time the customer buys products.

This is a big deal because even if you do not want to build a network marketing team by recruiting, you can still earn weekly commission in TLC by selling products on your website. Every week, TLC pays this 50% commission based on the sales volume generated from your personal websites.

With TLC you can run your business 100% online. That mean you do not have to spend thousands of dollars stocking inventory at home. Your customers have the ability to create their own customer account on your website. They get all their products directly from the company.

As a distributor you do not have any sales quotas or company set figure. Whatever you sell on your website is what you get paid on.The good news is we have a wide range of all natural organic products- skin care, organic detox, weight loss, supplements, gourmet coffee, performance enhancement, natural oils, 3D Fibre Lashes and top of the line shapewear garments.

(2) Fast Start Bonus: Every time you sign up a new distributor, Total Life Changes pays you 50% commission on the total purchase volume. A new distributor can buy one, two, three or more products. All depends on what they want for their personal use or for selling.

(3) Team Volume Commission: As soon as you sign up two people in TLC who have purchased a minimum of one product at $44.95, you immediately unlock what is known as binary team volume commission. This commission ranges from 10% to 25%.

It starts at 10% for all new distributors and move up as you move up the levels. This is really great because most companies do not pay this commission unless you have reached a very high level in the business. In TLC, this commission is not just from your personally sponsored people, it is the entire organization or downline.

(4) Check Match Bonus: As a distributor with Total Life Changes, you make 50% commission check match on what all your personally sponsored people make every week from their team binary commission.

TLC also pays you a check match of 10 to 50% of the commissions earned by all your 2nd level generations. Please note these check matches are in addition to what you earn on point 1 to 3 above. These are just extra bonuses.

(5) Lifestyle Bonus $1,500: Total Life Changes pays $1,500 a month for distributors who qualifies for this lifestyle bonus. Some companies give cars to their distributors but TLC decided to give cash instead.

With your $1,500 a month, you can buy a car of your own choice, pay mortgage or rent, save that money for kids education or use it to pay any debt you may have. You are the best decision maker of what you do with this money or what type of car you wish to drive. This is the only amount that is paid monthly. All other commissions are paid weekly.

Well, there you have it, if you are an action taker who don’t go negotiating with God when he has already put it in your heart to do it, then click the link below and let me see you on the other side as a business owner.

You have 30 days to try and if you don’t like it, you will get back your start up cost. It is that simple, no need to procrastinate or drive yourself crazy overthinking it. I am so excited to see all of you fast movers!


Referring Rep Id Number 4906631

I look forward to connecting with you on the other side. I cannot wait to show you how easy it is to build this business. If you have been involved in other direct sales marketing type of business, then you will find that building a TLC business is much easier. Not only does the company have a great name but they have great C.E.O.and great amazing products.

The sad reality is, you probably know that you need to do something different but you are afraid of change. You are afraid to make a decision that you know you need to make or you are allowing other people to dictate the decision you only can make.

When God direct you to do something, most people will not understand and don’t expect them to rally behind your vision. Well my friend, you are going to have to make a decision right now. Either you keep doing what you have been doing and continue to be broke just because you are afraid of what others will think OR you are going to make a transition and try something else.

With our 30 days money back guarantee you owe it to yourself to try. I can write all day long until the cows come home but only you can take the action that will move you toward the direction of your goals and dreams. Don’t watch us – join us! Decide to be a fast mover today. You are ONLY a click away!


  • $35 Business Starter Kit
  • $44.95 Minimum Product Purchase Required
  • Business Builder Packages Available



  • No Starter Kit Required
  • $44.95 Minimum Product Purchase Required
  • Business Builder Packages Available


Referring Rep Id Number 4906631